About Us

We are passionate about helping clients protect themselves by understanding the real nature of the threats and risks that are relevant to them. Using decades of experience investigating, risk assessing and consequence managing, we delve into the issues that clients are most concerned about.

Using professional practice, we seek the evidence and knowledge necessary to identify the risk areas to produce sustainable solutions that the client can own and grow from. We believe that clients have most of the information and knowledge they need to build resilience and improve operational performance.

Unfortunately, that information and knowledge is often siloed or fragmented. We specialise in bringing the critical sources and big data together to provide better understanding and a firm basis for solutions.

Our wide spectrum of experience enables us to maximise what the client has and using cost effective methods or solutions to improve the network work of knowledge and communication within the client’s environment.

Our Journey

IGC had been established by Mitch in 2015 developing its portfolio from investigations to forensic training. In 2019, Len joined as an associate and helped to deliver legislative training to government bodies. As the only UK provider to achieve Skills for Justice Accreditation, IGC had continued to develop as a training provider for Crime Scene Investigators and managers delivering training for Home Office Police Forces and international clients. Len engaged with a major ecommerce company to provide loss prevention expertise looking at ways to prevent loss and to refine and understand the risks saving the business £0.5M.

One Year Later

23 March 2020 saw the beginning of lockdowns in response to the COVID pandemic. The impact of that was that all travel and face to face training was cancelled with major customers suspending the own training cycles. In what was a difficult trading year IGC continued to refine its products and services. Len continued to provide services to security companies, property management firms and ecommerce throughout.

Pivot & Diversification 

The impact of COVID was significant for IGC and it was necessary to diversify. This created the opportunity for the first collaboration between Len and Mitch to deliver new services for a major client. Using their extensive investigative and business skill sets they provided support to HR, Operations, Customer Care and Legal with savings of around £2.5m.  

Three years later

By the beginning of the year the work that had been completed was being drawn together to provide the client with a comprehensive understanding of the operational risks. Using inhouse data sources, evidence-based decisions and simplifying reporting improved operational response to customer needs. Alongside of this, investigations were completed in support of HR, whistleblowing, litigation support, insider threat and fraud (internal and external). The major changes to policy, procedures and vastly improved networking within the business had broken down barriers of siloed thinking and working that had been in place improving profitability by £4m+ over the year.

A New Beginning 

A new beginning and the development of Assure Integrity Ltd as a business to reach out and provide the unique approach new clients using big data, investigative mindset and evidence based sustainable solutions.

Senior Management

Len has spent 40+ years of investigating crime and organisational critical issues in the most challenging environments working with:

  • UK Armed Forces
  • UK Police Forces
  • Government Departments
  • European and International law enforcement

In 2014, on completing 38+ years of military service, Len worked as an Assistant Director at the Competition and Markets Authority in the regulatory field investigating businesses and organisations who were suspected of being in breach competition law, criminal and civil.

2016 saw Len move to a major UK bank as the Head of Insider Threat Investigations. Len led the creation of the bank’s first Insider Strategic Threat Risk Assessment that brought together the through life management of employees and most valuable environments to provide a complete risk picture. This was linked to the consolidation of investigation elements within the bank to produce a global core multi-disciplined team capable of meeting the bank’s needs.

2019 Len set up as an independent consultant working in the public and commercial environments providing investigation, insider threat, risk assessment, change management and policy development services to clients in retail, real estate and brand protection.

Len provides professional advice focusing on the following areas:

  • Investigations
  • Insider threat assessment and management
  • External risk assessment and management
  • Operational Risk Assessment and management
  • Policy development and organisational resilience
Managing Director

Mitch is an accomplished businessman, professional investigator and intelligence analyst with commercial, government, defence and regulatory experience offering exceptional risk assessment, investigation, prevention, change management and business threat resilience across a broad threat spectrum.  This includes digital and cyber threat, physical security, data protection, intellectual property, incident management and bespoke reporting.

In 2015, on completing 33+ years of Royal Navy service, Mitch co-founded Integritas Global Consultancy (IGC) and became the only organisation in the UK to deliver Skills for Justice Accredited Crime Scene Investigation training to UK and International Police. IGC delivered specialist crime scene examination and investigation training to a number of UK Police Forces and government authorities. The investigation consultancy covered maritime incidents, after incident reviews and financial crime investigation.

In 2019 Mitch set up as an independent consultant working with Len in the public and commercial environments providing investigation, insider threat, risk assessment, change management and policy development services to clients in retail, real estate and brand protection.

Mitch provides professional advice focusing on the following areas:

  • Investigations
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Business Threat Resilience
  • Investigation Processes and Reporting Systems
  • Specialist Training including Accreditation
  • Learning Management Systems
Operations Director