At the heart of what we do is investigations. Professionally qualified and experienced investigators who have a unique and unusual breadth of investigating all manner of issues. Using techniques and practices that always guarantee the total integrity of the evidence and information gathered is the baseline of what we do. We provide the client with information in a format that is easily understood and tailored to their needs that can withstand the most rigorous scrutiny. Using the most up to date techniques and capabilities, we provide an ethical investigation service that seeks the facts to support the client’s decision making. We can provide:

  • Private investigation to support a client’s specific need or issue
  • Corporate investigations that can cover:
    • Whistleblowing
    • Data breaches
    • Harassment and bullying
    • Misconduct
    • Policy breaches
    • Theft and fraud (Internal and External)
  • Open-source investigation
  • Digital Forensic and Cyber investigation
  • Litigation support

We have yet to encounter any issue that we are unable to investigate or explore.